Lambs Train Day Farm – Visit us at Lambs Farm.

Contact US – Information about where we are and how to contact us.

Operating Rules – We allow kids of any age to run on our layouts, so the rules are fairly simple.  It starts out as simple as Green, Yellow, Red signals; but there is a LOT more to operating a railroad.  Please feel free to familiarize you self with train operation rules.

Photos – Please take a look at over 100 photos of our layouts from the past 20 years as well as some historical photos from over 75 years ago!

History – The building our clubhouse is located in is over 115 years old. Our club has been at it’s current location for 65 years.

Links – Links to other sites that we find interesting or are related to us.

Donate (PayPal) – We are a non-profit social club dedicated to model railroading for all ages. Every dollar counts. We request $1 donations for running on our layouts. Please feel free to donate more.

Donations – Unfortunately families often inherit train related equipment that they have no use for. We do take donations and make every effort to use it or find a good home.