Everyone is welcome to join regardless of skill level or age. We have planned group operations several times a week where members and visitors are welcome. The best thing about becoming a member is that you can run your trains practically whenever you want. If you like working on layouts, or want to learn how, there always are opportunities for updating and improving our layout. Members decide what changes and improvements we make and can participate in the traveling layout’s events.

Junior Members

The Club has a long history of allowing people to participate and join at any age. Junior members are those under 18. Junior members require sponsorship of an adult family member (e.g., parent, grandparent, or sibling) who belongs to The Club or joins at the same time. (The sponsor is responsible for all actions of the junior member.) Junior members are welcome any time; we have weekly Sunday operations that are dedicated to families, junior members, and visiting kids.

How to Join

The process to join is simple:

  1. Fill out and submit this form (instructions are on the form).
  2. Spend some time getting to know us while we’re getting to know you.
  3. Attend a business meeting (strongly suggested, but not required).
  4. Pay the first month’s dues ($30 per month).
  5. Have fun!

Questions? Please write to us at